Tour de Francis Park

Day 2: Saturday, August 31st, 2024
Tour de Francis Park

Presented by Renaissance Financial

This historic neighborhood is host to the second leg of the Gateway Cup — Tour de Francis Park! Francis Park, named after David Rowland Francis — President of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition (the 1904 World’s Fair), is known for its wide, tree lined streets and for having beautiful churches on every corner. Today the St. Louis Hills neighborhood showcases gingerbread bungalows, stately homes and some of the tidiest landscaping in St. Louis. Home to St. Louis cultural and iconic Ted Drewes—our homegrown ice cream oasis. We hope you enjoy the second stop on this Gateway Cup weekend!  St. Louis Hills will be serving up delicious food and cold beverages until 6:00 p.m. Dig in!

Racer parking will be at Bishop DuBourg High school, 5850 Eichelberger St.



StartCategoryDistanceEntry FeePlace/PrizeField Limit
9:15 a.m.Gateway Cup Registration Opens- Ride to Unite Charity Ride Start
10:20 a.m.Juniors (9-12, 13-14, 15-16, 17-18)25 minFREE3/Boys/Girls/Medals50
10:50 a.m.Cat 4/540 min$623/Medals/Glory75
11:40 a.m.Women 3/4/540 min$626/$30075
12:30 p.m.Masters 50+/60+ Cat 1 - 440 min$6210/$400 per Age Group150
1:15 p.m.Cat 3/450 min$6215/$500150
2:10 p.m.Masters 40+ Cat 1 - 450 min$6210/$500150
3:10 p.m.Cat 2/355 min$6215/$600150
4:10 p.m.Kids Races ($15 & suggested donation)SprintN/ABig Wheels - Age 12none
4:30 p.m.Women Pro/1/270 min$7220/$2000150
5:40 p.m.Men Pro/170 min$7220/$2000150

1.3-mile rectangle bounded by Nottingham, Eichelberger, Tamm Ave and Donovan Avenue. From Hwy 40 or Hwy 44 take Hampton Avenue south. Right on Nottingham. Bingo!

Resident Notification Information – 2023 Gateway Cup Francis Park Neighborhood Notification