Tour de Lafayette

Day 1: Friday, September 1st, 2023
Tour de Lafayette

Presented by Studio 2108

Join the Lafayette Square neighborhood and business district as the first leg of the Gateway Cup gets underway in St. Louis’ first historic district, this nighttime Criterium will take place under the lights on a flat, wide-open 0.9-mile course with four 90-degree turns.

Now home to many unique shops and restaurants, the Lafayette Square neighborhood is one of the oldest in St. Louis and boasts the city’s first public park. Created by ordinance in 1836, the park was named in honor of Marqis de Lafayette, a French statesman who served as a volunteer under George Washington during the American Revolution.


StartCategoryDistanceEntry FeePlace/PrizeField Limit
12:30 p.m.Registration Opens
1:30 p.m.Juniors (9-12, 13-14, 15-16, 17-18)25 minFREE3/Boys/Girls/Medals50
2:00 p.m.Cat 4/540 min$623/Medals/Glory75
2:45 p.m.Women 3/4/540 min$626/$30075
3:30 p.m.Masters 50+/60+ Cat 1 - 440 min$6210/$400 per Age Group150
4:15 p.m.Cat 3/450 min$6215/$500150
5:10 p.m.Kids Races ($15 & suggested donation)SprintN/ABig Wheels - Age 12none
5:30 p.m.Masters 40+ Cat 1 - 450 min$6210/$500150
6:25 p.m.Cat 2/355 min$6215/$600150
7:30 p.m.Women Pro/1/270 min$7220/$2000150
8:50 p.m.Men Pro/170 min$7220/$2000150

From HWY 44 Exit Jefferson north, to right on Chouteau. Turn right on Dolman Park Ave. Race is to right. Park on Park Ave.

Resident Notification Information – 2023 Gateway Cup Lafayette Square Neighbor Notification

Resident Parking Instructions

Residents on Benton Place:
The city has temporarily moved the large rocks to allow access to Benton place.
Access thru the alley between Park and Rutger.

Residents on Lafayette, Simpson, Waverly & Nicholson:
1 Small Lane will be open on Lafayette for residents only that cannot leave or return through an alley. Enter from Mississippi