Races Livestream-

Tune in Sunday, 9/3 @ the American Criterium Cup  Giro della Montagna for the tenth and final stop on the ACC tour to witness, for the first time ever, a Live Feed from inside the peloton, with 21x  National Champion, Daniel Holloway.

Daniel will be using 15+ years of race craft experience and skills to navigate through the peloton on one of the nations more difficult courses. In this never before done live POV, Daniel will be commentating/narrating everything he is seeing and going through his mind. Giving key insights to real time speed, heart rate, power data and most import how bad he is suffering. Daniel has taken on this task with only 8 weeks of training from being retired to give this one of a kind experience. With a current FTP of +- 290 watts and 175lbs this is going to be incredible insight on how to survive and thrive in a professional criterium. You can listen to Daniel on The Call Up Podcast for all his pre-race thoughts and expectations on Friday. 

The Bommarito Audi Gateway Cup’s Giro della Montagna, Sunday, September 3rd will be LIVE on our Player. LIVE LINK HERE