The 38th Edition of the Bommarito Audi West County Gateway Cup takes place in the heart of FOUR unique and awesome St. Louis neighborhoods. The Bommarito Audi West County Gateway Cup Features the American Criterium Cup (ACC) Final at the Giro Della Montagna. All four days offer equal payout for the women’s and men’s professional races.

Within each of these host communities, the race courses are defined by short one to two mile laps, known as “criterium” format. This Americanized style of racing appeals to both athletes and spectators alike as the peloton, or pack of cyclists, pass by every few minutes at impressive speeds holding lines only inches apart from one another. Spectators can watch the race develop lap after lap and hear commentators announce race strategy, allowing more of an understanding and engagement in the excitement.

There are nine races each day based on ability, gender, and age, ranging from newbies to pros. Each day is punctuated by the featured event, the men’s and women’s professional races. In these races, the nation’s top cyclists will hurl themselves through corners averaging 30 mph towards a thrilling sprint finish. Guaranteed inspiration.

Men’s and Women’s Leader Jerseys

Want to know who the points leaders are each day? Your race leader will be easily spotted in the Bommarito Audi race leader’s jersey, used for all of the categories except for Juniors. The Bommarito Audi West County Gateway Cup jersey will be for sale at our merchandise tent as well as online. Presented by MUMU Apparel Company
Buy one. It will make you go fast.

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We are proud to announce that BIG SHARK’s Neutral Support will be providing neutral wheels, service and mechanical expertise for all four days. Tips are encouraged.


Cultivating its mission of providing this city with the highest level of quality pre-hospital emergency care possible, the EMS Bureau of the St. Louis fire department will be providing efficient and responsive care to all of our participating athletes. Due to the bureau’s incredible generosity, every medic, bike team and piece of emergency response equipment is being provided free of charge.